London Book Launch

Thank you all for coming. This is a very special day for me; it’s the culmination of 20 years’ worth of work.

The first thing that I want to do is to thank a lot of people who have made this book possible. Although this book carries my name as the author, it could not have happened without the participation of a lot of people, who I want to thank personally. One of the special people is in Sweden, a lady called Lotta Ness. A lot of the case studies in the book, the stories behind the system are from her, so I want to thank her even though she is not here.

The other person that I want to thank is my agent, Marianne. She will want to hide underneath this chair but anyway… because without Marianne, the first book would never have got published. And if there wasn’t a first book, there wouldn’t be a second book.

The other very special person that I want to thank is my friend Meenal. Meenal came to the first seminar for this system, for the Supercoherence System. Before that it was Biolumanetics and then in 2008, 2009, the Supercoherence Frequencies came into form, if you like, and Meenal came to the first ever seminar and from that day on, she was a most enthusiastic
advocate and champion of the system. Thank you Meenal.

There are loads and loads of others who I want to thank but, and Meher, without Meher, a lot of things would not have happened in my life, so this book is dedicated to my daughter, my very special daughter. Then there is my friend Sandra, stand up Sandra. She is also one of those who likes to hide. Sandra does all the web work. I’m a total duffer at web work, so I sleep well because of Sandra, without Sandra it wouldn’t happen. Sandra has also devised many of the protocols that go with the system now which were not there originally, but
Sandra was the one who made them happen, so special thanks to Sandra.

So, this has been a long journey. It started with my life falling apart, I think all of you know that story so I’m not going to bore you with it again, but the thing was, five years down from that point, one single phone call and my life was just put on a different trajectory. I call that my second life, this is my second life. Though I started off very ignorant when I first knew this system, I didn’t know anything. In fact, somebody wrote me quite an insulting letter saying how ignorant I was and I was quite insulted at that point, but actually it was very salutary
because it put me on a very steep learning curve, and that learning curve hasn’t stopped twenty years on. So I think my life has been full of steep learning curves and sometimes you get tired of steep learning curves but that is the only way you really learn.

So, how did these Frequencies happen? I think most of you here know about the Frequencies and use them, so in that sense I’m on very comfortable ground, I don’t have to describe it to somebody from outside the system. Although I would like people from outside the system to also understand this what this system, the Supercoherence System, is about.

There are interesting things happening where the worlds or science and spirituality are coming together. They have been apart for a very very long time, and I even got a quote from Steven Hawking who talks about, I’m just going to read that quote because I don’t want to misquote him. And this is the physicist, Steven Hawking. He says, ‘It is difficult to discuss the universe without mentioning the concept of god. My work on the origin of the universe is on the borderline between science and religion, but I try to stay on the scientific side of the
border. It is quite possible that god acts in ways that cannot be described by scientific laws, but in that case, one would just have to go by personal belief’. That is Steven Hawking

This is a cosmologist, Paul Davis, who says that he’s not a Christian but believes that the
nature of the universe cannot be fully explained without reference to intelligent design. This is a very important point, and in the Supercoherence System I think both of these things come together; science and spirituality merge and meld and become one in a way that has not been possible on earth before. Why is that, and how can I say that? That is primarily
because of the device called the luminator.

I want to thank my great associate who is no longer with us, without whom this system and my work would not exist, and that is Patrick Richards, who passed away in 2008. His life was devoted to this work, Patrick invented a device called the Luminator. The Luminator is, in my opinion, one of the most extraordinary devices on earth at this time, even now so many years after it was invented. Because it punches a hole through the space time barrier and allows us a clear glimpse of another universe.

In the book I have said that it goes beyond the scope of a an electron microscope or a space telescope because it takes you into another dimension and allows us humans access to that other dimension for the mainstream of humanity, which has never been possible. It has been possible for the great spiritual teachers and the great masters but what about the 99% of us, who are not that? Who do not have access to that? The Luminator gave us access into this internal universe of the human in a way that is unprecedented in human history.

The thing is, when you pose a problem, it is one thing to say ‘this is the problem’ but what is the solution? What interests me is what is the solution. I can define problems as long as, you know, until kingdom come, but the thing is, what is the solution? If I have a diagnosis that’s all very well but what is the solution, is the key. For the first time, we do have solutions. We have entered a new age. It’s not new age in the normal sense; it is a radical new age with great dangers and great possibilities. It’s a wondrous age and I call it the light energy
information age, which has changed the rules of how we operate in this reality forever. We’re not going to go back, we can’t go back, we can only go forward. The curve is an exponential curve. So, there are dangers and there are huge, wondrous opportunities by engaging with this age.

There’s an interesting saying by a man called Marshall McLuhan, he says, ‘This age of
anxiety, is the result of trying to solve todays problems with yesterday’s tools’, that is what we have been doing. The tools that are described in this book, and that have been used now, since 2009 in over 26 countries by a few thousand people, the results of which are in the book. These are the tools of today and they fit the light energy information age because they are light energy information tools. So these are the tools of today.

This book also asks a very important, and a very big question, which I think we have some answers to. The question is: ‘why is it, that with all of the technological advances of the 21st century, and all the teachings of the great ones over the millennia, why is it that humanity is still caught in the cycle of suffering that we see on earth today?’ Have you ever asked that question? What is the answer? I’m not going to tell you the answer because it’s in the book… Buy the book!


But, there is a very important thing, which most people haven’t thought about, and I have thought about it for a very long time, the question is this in my mind; that there is a part of us that it supremely intelligent. You have fifty trillion cells in the human body, they say fifty trillion, one hundred trillion, but anyway these astronomical numbers of cells, each one of them talking to all the other cells minus one on a continuum, telling each one what to do, how to do, how much to do, when to do. What is the quality of intelligence that it takes to do that? And what is the quality of intelligence that humans exhibit in their every day lives? And the suffering that they inflict on themselves and on each other. Would you say that there is a glaring disparity between these two different aspects, both of which exist in the same

So, in this system I think we have addressed that in a very real way. Because we had access to this other reality and were in the position to understand the processes that are hidden, the 95% of the universe is hidden, I think you all know that, with all the talk of dark matter and dark energy, the whole thing of science knowing 5% and not knowing the other 95%. The same goes for us, we don’t know the 95% of our capabilities. That sounds a little extreme and a little crazy but I think it is the truth.

See the glaring disparity between the intelligence that governs the human system and the less intelligence that humans exhibit in every day of their lives.

So, the question is, how can this be addressed? For this system you have to understand one single word, and that word is ‘coherence’. Coherence, if you understand the concept of coherence you will understand this system, and if you do not understand the concept of
coherence, you will not understand why this system created the miracles that it does.
Miracles are, they only seem miracles, there are always lawful processes that underlie any miracle, that underlie any magic. There are lawful processes that underlie them.

So, to understand the concept of coherence is to understand the exponential curve, because a 60-watt light bulb lights a small room on it’s own, and a 60-watt laser can put a spot of light on the moon. According to William Tiller, who is professor emeritus of physics at one of the universities in California, he says, “a coherent laser could poke a whole through the sun, ninety million miles away.” So the same amount of energy, differently organized, creates an exponentially different result. The key is only in one single word; the key to that exponential curve is in the word coherence.

Humans have this… are we lasers? Yes, in a sense we are. Life forms emit light, that was in the first book and I don’t want to go over all that again, but the thing is, we are light energy information beings, not just physical beings. We are physical beings but we’re held together by something other, and we are light energy information beings as well.

I think the problem today is that we live in a skeptical age, a cynical age, and unfortunately, you will get the results of that cynicism and skepticism. The thing is, when something really new happens, how do you recognize it? Have you ever thought of that? You can’t process it through your intellect because it’s not about the past. When something truly new happens, and you’re faced with that, what is your response? Is it the ‘wow’ response? Or is it the ‘no, it’s impossible’ response?

Think about that for one minute and see what you come up with. Because when the truly new happens, you will have to have a sense of wonder, and that’s the only thing you will have to recognize something that is new… no other way.

So have you got your sense of wonder alive and well? Or has it gone to sleep a while back? That’s another question.

So this book is about stories that happened with these little tools, these little glass pieces containing nothing that you can measure in this reality. So how do they work? That’s the question. How can these little things do that? Hence the skepticism comes in. And I can understand it, to some extent it is justified, but the thing that I will say is that today we have
entered into another age. You have to experience something to understand it. You may read about it and then experience it, but to truly experience something you have to have a direct experience. Because looking at these things will not tell you anything, and the interesting thing is that you can say ‘oh yes, they’re round and they’re green and that’s the Male
Frequency, and this one is pink and they’re the Female Frequency,’ but the Frequency that does the job, you cannot see. It is invisible, and that is doing the job.

So this invisible universe which is, if you like, we access through the zero point field, we
access the space-time barrier, lies a very potent universe. And it’s a parallel universe but it is immensely powerful and through an act of grace we have managed to gain access to it, through the Luminator and the imaging and now through the Supercoherence Frequencies. So, the magic is not in the Frequencies, the magic is in you, but it was locked behind closed doors, more secure than Fort Knox. So those are the keys to open that door. If you don’t have a key, you cannot open the lock, you will break your head against a wall. But if you have a key, the same thing that was impossible one minute ago becomes simply easy.

So, what do they do? Basically there is another very important study which is also mentioned in the book and it’s called the Kaiser Permanente study. This was done by an insurance
company called Kaiser Permanente, where 17,000 people took part. It’s called the ACE study; adverse childhood experiences. So adverse childhood experiences of a certain magnitude created illnesses decades down the line. There was a very strong correlation. So, unresolved emotional trauma, which resides in the subconscious and unconscious levels cannot be
easily neutralized, it’s almost impossible to do. Today there are beautiful new techniques for doing so; the E.F.T and others that are called energy psychology. They work very well but, in this system, it is not about the meridians, it is not about the chakras, it is about a level that is beyond. That’s why you have to understand the importance of what I call the master
number. And the master number is not one to nine; it is zero.

The Indian and the Tibetan Western traditions have always understood this, they have understood that shunya , which is zero, is the path to self-realization. What is shunya? What
happens? Can you become zero? How can you become zero? How can you, as a living person, become zero? It’s not so easy, is it? But zero is where everything gets neutral, and the
Frequencies that we have, which we call the SRTLFs, I’m not going to discuss Frequencies, but other than that the first keys were the SRTLFs, we call them the ‘Return to Love Frequencies’. And they work because they neutralize this information at the level at which is exists; they reduce it to zero. So, if the person has had a traumatic experience, that experience stays in the cellular memory forever.

Unfortunately, it has an effect and your life unfolds along that trajectory. To change that
trajectory to something that is more nourishing and wholesome, that information has to become neutral. Because otherwise the pain remains and then is expressed in ugly ways,
either throwing it outside, that’s called the cycle of suffering, or by taking it inside and creating havoc in the body. So there has to be a way to neutralize this information, which exists in all of us because we are not the sum total of only this lifetime. We are creatures who have been there for many lifetimes and have experienced a lot of stuff.

So, the thing is, for the human system to get back to zero these are the master keys and they do things instantly. This is hard for people to understand that something that has been there for, you know, whatever; 40, 50 years or six months back, can be neutralised
immediately. Because it happens at the quantum level, it happens at field level. Until you understand the reality of the energy field, you are going to break your head against the wall, this is what people are going to do until they understand the reality of the field, and in this system we had access to the field from the very beginning through the imaging, thanks to Patrick, and thanks to the Luminator, because without the imaging we couldn’t have done this work.

Today we don’t do imaging, so don’t come and ask me for an imaging session, because it ain’t gonna happen. These tools work universally, they have been tested in the field of the Luminator, and they work across the board. What they actually do; in 2001 someone came and gave me a photograph, which is a very loaded photograph, a very special photograph, and a very loaded photograph. It was a photograph of the divine mother. If somebody had given me this photography thirty years ago, I would have dismissed it as superstitious nonsense… confession. But because I had done imaging at that point, since 1996, 95, I knew that there was an extraordinary reality that I was blind to, which I could only access through the
imaging. So, when this photograph came, it kind of turned me upside-down and I thought, ‘OK, there is a legend behind this photograph and the legend said something like, it was taken in the 1970s by a pilgrim in San Damiano in Northern Italy and the divine mother
appeared to him and asked him to take a photo of her, and this was the photograph that
appeared. I was like, ‘wow, OK.’

One thing Patrick taught me was, “Thrity, do the testing”. So it was, I didn’t want just my
opinion there, my opinion is my opinion, so what? Is it real? And so, I started doing the
testing with this photograph but only for people who had severe stuff with their mums, and a lot of people have severe stuff with their mums. Do you know that? So I used it for testing that at that point. And we got some very extraordinary results.

However, in 2009 my life has been full of steep learning curves and it’s been a rollercoaster, so in 2009 my life fell apart again, because Polaroid decided that they were not going to make any more film, and my good friend Barbara, as soon as my first book came out, it was in 2008, she phones me and says ‘Thrity, do you know that Polaroid has stopped making film?’ And I was like ‘Oh my god, I’ve done all this work to get all this work out and everything has been made zero.’ So it was a very uncomfortable experience for around six months, I wont go into that in detail, you can read about it in the book. After that, what emerged from that process were the Frequencies. I’m making a very big shortcut, the Frequencies emerged
directly as a result of that because there was no way that the imaging was going to be
possible for everyone anymore.

I didn’t want anything going out which was not safe for people. It could be safe for me and not for someone else, so we did quite a lot of testing and we found that it worked across the board; it cleared the family stuff, families create chaos, do you know that? Anybody not know that? So, it created this order and it did it in this extremely beautiful and simple way. And then there were a series of steps that happened, which refined the process and made it what it is today. Today we know that it works, that it works across the board, that it works for everyone. And what happens as a result of that, we call them the Return to Love frequencies. Why is that? Because the human system, which science will never be able to explain, at the center of the human system is a place of pure love, of pure feeling intelligence. It’s a feeling intelligence, this intelligence is not only of the intellect, the intellect is a powerful tool but it’s a very limited tool and unless it is combined with the intelligence of the heart, the
intelligence of the soul, the intelligence of feeling, it will always be less and your life will not make sense to you until you understand that.

What these graceful tools do, is that they take the person with no effort to that place, they unlock that place, because they are calibrated to zero. I consider that particular image a symbol of unconditional love, for want of a better term. The frequency is the frequency, your system goes to love with no effort on your part, no psychotherapy, no nothing, just holding two little pieces of glass. It’s called magic, it’s called miracle, and it’s called mystery.

I just want to read you a couple of case studies that will illustrate the point, is that OK? Say yes!

We have got a number of clients in Sweden and this is from a client in Sweden. “One of the things I wanted to call this book was the nearly impossible project because it’s breaking the cycle of human suffering, so that’s a nearly impossible project and she’s talking about that. She said, ‘I don’t know if I can call my relationship with my sister is almost an impossible project, but it has certainly felt that way. When growing up we had a hard time with each other, so I wasn’t surprised when it ended totally after my mother died. I put the SRTLF’s on her photo twice and since then, she has phoned me, she has invited me for dinner and she has even congratulated me on my birthday, which hasn’t happened in 4 years. Actually we didn’t speak in these years at all. Even my father’s son from a previous marriage wants to keep in touch. Amazing!”

How about that? Putting two pieces of glass on a photo, and it does that? Is it crazy? But it’s real. And then there is another one, she says:

“I have last finished clearing all of my previous imprints, which is what we can do with these Frequencies, first for myself and then from my family. It has taken a while as I have a large extended family. I am now feeling good, despite starting divorce proceedings due to my
husband’s adultery. Six weeks ago, at the bottom of the abyss, I would not have believed I could progress so far in such a short space of time. It is truly miraculous, I feel stronger and more confident, balanced, grounded, and walking taller, my head and my heart are no longer in conflict. Good things are beginning to happen and my needs are being met on many
levels. Friends and family are amazed at how well I am doing and how well I look. If you
follow the right steps, this healing system really works.”

Just carrying two pieces of glass. Not any old pieces of glass, two magical pieces of glass. The whole point of this is that what was very difficult, became simple, easy and effortless. That is grace, it is called grace. And the human system is love; the universe is love. Science will never be able to discover that, because it’s out of its remit. But this system clearly shows that in evidential terms. Not my opinion. And that is the first time that that has been seen in real terms.

Thank you for being part of my family, my large human family, I’m very, very grateful very touched that you all came. I cannot describe that, I don’t want to start crying, this is not the day for that. Thank you very much.

The long-awaited
second Supercoherence book,

“Supercoherence – The Return To Love”  launched in London.
 “This is a very special day for me,
it is the culmination of 20 years worth of work.

This has been a long journey.”
There are interesting things happening, where the worlds of science and spirituality are coming together.” 
We have entered a new age, with
great dangers and great possibilities,
a wondrous age, I call it
the Light-Energy-Information Age.
The tools that are described in this book have been used in over 26 countries; these are the tools of today,…
they are Light-Energy-Information tools.
Why is it that with all the technological
advances of the 21st Century and all the
teachings of the great ones over the millennia, why is it that humanity is still caught in the
cycle of suffering? What is the answer?” 
The magic is not in the Frequencies. The magic is in you but it was locked behind closed doors. Those [the Supercoherence Frequencies] are the keys to open that door. If you don’t have a key you cannot open the lock.” 
In this system, it is not about the meridians,
it is not about the chakras,
it is about a level that is beyond.
We call them the Return To Love
because at the centre of the human system is a place of pure love,
of pure feeling intelligence. What those tools do is unlock that place.